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Athens, the historical capital of Europe

Spending your days in Athens will surely keep you busy. Here are some recommendations of things you should not miss.

The hotel is in walking distance from museums and important sights in the center of Athens. Take a stroll in the neighborhood of Sir Athens on your way to Benaki Museum, and walk through Plaka and Ermou str on your way back, after visiting the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum.

Distance : 2.5 Km

Acropolis Museum

You are two metro stops away from the famous Acropolis museum. Even if not all of you are museum fans, if there is a place to visit while in the center of Athens, that is the Acropolis Museum. If you are lucky, then you may be in the city one of the evenings that the museum is open and have the chance to get a very strong photo shot from the enlightened Athens.


Acropolis Museum
Distance : 2.5 Km

Benaki Museum

It takes about twenty minutes walk to someone to go from Sir Athens to the Benaki Museum. The exhibitions that are occasionally hosted make the distance worth walking.
If you want to skip the walk, you can take a taxi or uber, it takes up to 7 minutes to get you there.


Distance : 2.5 Km

Museum of Cycladic Art

Its Patio being the highlight, the Museum of Cycladic Art is a great destination for those who are interested or impressed by the architecture of the buildings. At the same time, current exhibitions are excellent and usually deal with Greece's history in its various aspects. The Museum of Cycladic Art is within a 20-minute walk of Sir Athens and is just two minutes from Kolonaki Square (for those who are keen to continue their day with shopping and coffee).



Distance : 3.5 Km

A walk at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for Culture

If there is a place to visit while in Athens, then it is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for Culture. Not only to admire the architecture of Renzo Piano, who has built up a real piece of art, but also because the National Library and the National Opera have been amongst SNFC's grounds. In case you are interested in watching a show, then you can only consult the official website.
At the same time, it should be noted that during the summer season, many concerts and performances that meet all tastes and moods take place in the splendid and huge garden of SNFCF. Ways to reach UNFCCC: //


Distance : 2.5 Km

At Herodion

Three Metro stops away from Sir Athens and two minutes away from the Acropolis Museum is the Herod Atticus Conservatory. One of the most culturally important archaeological sites in Athens. Walk to Dionysios Areopagitou, one of the most beautiful streets in Athens, let the street vendors show you their business and head for the majesty of Herodion. If you have time and mood, watch one of the Athens Festival shows or a concert.


Distance : 1.2 Km

Syntagma Square / Ermou Street

You are just minutes away from the largest and most impressive square of the city. Stand in front of the Unknown Soldier's monument and watch the Evzones perform the changing of the guard every 1 hour. Behind them stands the Hellenic Parliament building, which was built as a palace by the architect Friedrich von Gaertner for the first kings of modern Greece, settled here in 1843.
From Syntagma square begins the most famous commercial pedestrian street in Athens. Walk along this shopper's paradise that hosts the most famous international chain stores, stop at the historic Church of Panagia Kapnikarea and discover great restaurants, elegant wine bars, cafes and street food hot spots inside the small arcades or the vertical alleys.


Distance : 1.2 Km

Plaka / Monastiraki

Athens' most picturesque neighbourhood, Plaka, attracts thousands of visitors every year. Shaded squares and pedestrian streets, blooming patios and gardens, neoclassical houses and historical monuments make up a dream setting. Must see places of interest in Plaka include the Roman Agora, The Tower of the Winds and many Byzantine churches. Don't forget to look for exquisite souvenirs, artworks and Greek traditional products. In cafes, restaurants and taverns with tables spread on their terraces and inside hidden alleys you will enjoy unforgettable days and nights.
The heart of the historic center beets at Monastiraki Square. This is a bustling area where the East meets West. Here, do not forget to try a souvlaki - the most popular Greek dish . At Pandrosou Street you will find dozens of tourist shops and some of the city's oldest jewelry shops. Continue your stroll towards the flea market of Hephaestus Street, the antique market at Avissinias Square and the elegant pedestrian avenue of Andrianou which overlooks the Acropolis.


Distance : 2.4 Km

Panathenaic Stadium / Kallimarmaro

Before you leave Athens, don't miss the chance to admire the magnificient and historical stadium, made all by marble, the Panathenaic Stadium or Kallimarmaro. Only 15 min from the Greek Parlament, walking throught the National Garden you will end up where the first modern Olympic Games took place. Use the audio guide, look at the posters and feel the glaw of the first Olympic Flame inside you like an ancient spectator.


Distance : 1 Km

National Garden

The vision of the Queen Amalia, formerly the Royal Garden, consitute a green oasis in the heart of Athens,in Syntagma. Worthily called the paradise of Athens, only a 10 min walk or one metro stop from Sir to Syntagma. Ιt is located right behind the Greek Parlament and it continues with the gate of Amalia Avenue where you can feel the traquil under the shadows of the tall eucalyptus.


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